NT Car Detailers Refresh

Darwin’s Finest Car Detailers has undergone a website redesign. Motivation behind the work was to improve search engine optimisation (SEO), make it look more vibrant and to implement easy updates.

WordPress was used for the back-end implementation with a custom theme created by us at Forward Slash.

The NT Car Detailers upgrade was a great success as the site now ranks in the top 5 for all the key search terms nominated by the client. Its no argument that the website is much better on the eye with its bright and fluid design. and updating the site is so easy Peters wife now does it for him.

Please check out his new site and give Peter a call if you require car detailing, window tinting or just need to remove that annoying stain.


If you would like a website created similar to this for your small business then we would be happy to help. Please contact us for a very reasonable quote.


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