I have recently updated the Rocktown website. Vince was a pleasure to deal with and very helpful on what he wanted from his website.

Below are some of the comments i got from Vince about the service i provided him.

Have you had any positive feedback from the new design from your staff, family or customers??? If so please elaborate what you have heard.
“Yes the staff think it looks much better, more modern.”

How would you rate my communication and ability to understand your ideas and implement them into the website?
“Yes, good. Everything went as we wanted, your reaction was quick.”

Please check out the website and if you ever need anything music related give Rocktown a call.


Hard Drive Bulk Order

Doing a hard drive order again after great successes with the last one. Prices a little bit cheaper this month.

WD 320Gb SATA2 HDD 16Mb cache $120
WD 500Gb SATA2 HDD 16Mb cache $140
WD 750Gb SATA2 HDD 16Mb cache $250
WD 1Tb SATA2 HDD 16Mb cache $360


All New with full Manufacturers Warranty

All orders must be in by Tuesday (20th) evening, hard drives should arrive early the following week.